To Adore a Sycamore

Written by: Richard J. Long

Have you ever really looked at a Sycamore?
If so, you’ll forever the Sycamore adore
Stand close to its leathery trunk
Feel each curled and jagged bump

Despite dullness of winter’s blight
Bark projects linear glowing white
Conversely dappled color of brown
Recedes reflecting its mother ground

As leaves begin to grow they display a brownish hew
Giving no clue, as to what they’ll later do
Growing bigger, leaves show five serrated teeth
Silken fibers on top and popping yellow veins underneath

Dropping curled papery bark to the ground
Touching carpet of green without a sound
Bumpy spheres hang as Christmas decorations for a town
Falling from each branch, to change what they’ll be to brown

Jagged branches stretch as arms over water of life
While creatures slice through cooling shadows, like a knife
Unsculptured statues stand against the sky
As a reminder, that nature’s presence will not lie

Richard J. Long: May/June 2012