Grim Reaper

Written by: Debbie Duncan

Who are you  ~  I ask ?
The grim reaper am I, came the reply. 
I say  ~  I'm not dying or dead.  
So you say,   came the reply. 

So why have you come this way ? 
I am surely not done with my life.
Though I did not hear a reply. 

Out of the silence came a voice.

It was not weak ~  it was not low. 
And it was not loud  ~
I sat up straight as a pin. 
Just so I could take it all in.

So you say ~ came the reply again. 
And he went on to say ~
Have you not read the news today ?
He said he read it  in the headlines, 
On this very day ~ was his reply.

There was a car pile- up ,
Down on fourth and maine.
Licence plate read DOA- today.
And I see you sitting in front 
Of me ~  on this very day .  
 So it must be true . 
I'm here just for you !