negative or positve alter reality your decision

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

Sometimes even in these chaotic times we can sill get a little old fashioned, find a brute of a tree and relax under its shade.We can then mentally attempt to travel beyond that day in an attempt to step inot another life creating within ourselves a separate reality.A reality we can run and hide in when things in the real world go sour.What if you where to get stuck in this world or let me reprase myself, what if you ran into your little cubbyhole in your mind and the door slammed shut behind you.What if the reason you ran into this world was so severe that you were the one who slammed the door.If you were to get locked in this world what would you really find there?Maybe your worst nightmares would become as real and vivid as you imagined them to be. How would your actions change physically?Would you become a reclive person or possibly become violent?There are very few things in which we call artificial that are proven to be totally posittive, so in saying this how could a artificial reality ever be a positive attribute within oneself?Those of us who are capable of opening and closing this door at will are fortunate.Those who have become trapped inside have created a battle within themselves that will truly rage on until they grab the keys that have been dangling in front of them throughout their ordeal.We all hold our own keys on a ring that is overloaded making access to the correct key difficult to some and impossible to others.