Tropical Storm Debby

Written by: Kim Merryman

Tropical Storm Debby churns along,
The wind and rain belting out her song.
Gulf Coast residents hunker down,
As Debby slowly comes to town.

Her fury like a woman scorned,
She'll fight dirty so be forewarned.
She's no lady, this I know,
Her temper tantrum tells me so.

Spitting out hail and pelting rain,
Her antics causing people pain.
Twisters form and then touch down,
Spreading destruction all around.

Giant swells eat up the beaches,
Seagulls make their lonely screeches.
Lightning flashes from sky to ground,
Thunder reverberating in menacing sound.

Debby, Debby go away!
We don't want you to stay.
Our house insurance is high enough,
Without you adding all your stuff.