The View From My Deck

Written by: Francine Roberts

On the other side of the trees
the traffic busily goes by
but here on my side of the trees
it's the sun and the birds and I.

The trees form a great barrier,
hiding me from the traffic flow.
It's like my personal forest.
Just me and the wild things that grow.

It's designed to be deceptive.
You don't notice us from the road above.
That's the best thing about my deck.
It's one of the things I love.

My wooded little sancturary
in the middle of a busy avenue,
where city sounds mix with the call of birds
and deer and squirrels visit too.

The tall, tall Douglas Firs,
the Juniper and Ivy as well,
build a wall between the street and I.
It's such a serene place to dwell.