I, the Blade Bearing Lunatic

Written by: Ken Wallace

My delightful darling, my senses magnified with your spirit nearby
And I feel your misty entrails and silky casing chilling my pours entirely shut
Your presence surrounds me much like the heavy air I breathe 
Your anger and confusion I share and my delusion is apparent 
I clinch my fist together tightly and strike the hardwood floor below
I scream your name for the blood you spilt, not by yourself 
But by a man, a madman, insane, a blood thirsty animal
A psycho lope across an easy path to his dwelling of sickness
There are no factions of justice, no suspicions, not yet
For how long, I ask? Until the sickness is far too visible to flout
Pain will resurface through the eyes of the blade bearer
I pummel the oak yet again as my heart absorbs the agony
Self-inflicted though, I am the blade bearing lunatic who slayed my queen
My love, I beg of you to haunt me past consciousness so I may die
An agonizing death that I need to cure me from insanity
You watch me and I feel your eyes like stones striking my cold torso
The torture I deserve isn’t sturdy on the mind of me, a lunatic,
The blade bearing lunatic who slayed his one and only love.