Collaborating In The Clouds

Written by: Caryl Muzzey

Conversing with You is no easy task,
I can’t see Your eyes when You laugh.
I know You handle everything I ask,
everything You do is on my behalf.

Child, I have given you all that you need,
the sun, moon, and stars are My eyes you see.
I will never sleep, to ever mislead,
it does not mean I will always agree.

God, sometimes You do not answer,
when my reservations are why.
Why You allowed my Breast Cancer,
permitted me to live not die?

Don’t get me wrong God, I love life,
love having my family around me.
Nothing is better than being a wife,
and having children was no guarantee.

Child, I did not assign you the tumor,
to enter your form with warranted pain.
No idea where you acquired such rumor,
you need to know that I am more humane.

I cannot control what your cohorts do,
the ones who manage food and pollute lakes.
Waters have changed to brown not blue,
it is mankind whom has made the mistakes.

You live because you have asked to,
remember your prayer in years past.
To watch your children live life through,
I have done everything you asked.

God, proud to converse with You my concern,
although I talk to You most every day.
I know someday You will return,
when, is not for me to ask or to say…   

Copyright © 2012 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Fifth Place Winner ~ "Collaborating In The Clouds” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Poet~Destroyer
August 21, 2012