Collaborating in the CLOUDS

Written by: Ken Nwadiogbu

.... Today is a new day
     But I can see no sunshine
     I look with great pain
     Nothing but clouds in this cold night

.... Today is a new day
     Tell me where are my answers
     One question to replay
     A thousand answers I can't find

.... Today is a new day
     I need to see her face
     Bring my wife home to stay
     She's been gone for three years

.... Today is a new day
     Remember, a day added to my devotion
     Kill this lonely-sadness inside of me
     Turn every tears in my heart to extinction

.... Today is a new day
     This time, I need to hear YOUR voice
     The ONE that cuddles without dismay
     Yet shakes the awesome pillars of the world

.... Today is a new day
.... Today, though it hurts, I smile
     Even if I don't hear what YOU have to say
     GOD, today.... I smile

By Kbillion