How can we describe YOU

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

Yeayyy God
You are so awesome
How can we describe how magnificent You are?
You are miraculous, astounding, terrific
Remarkable, incredible, inconceivable
God You are so good God
That we can never do You justice
Your unbelievable power
Beholds us
Your majestic arms
Envelope us
Your perfect guidance 
Lights our way for us
Your great Spirit
Resides in us
Greatest You Father
Beautiful, fabulous, brilliant
Splendid, triumphant, wonderful
God words can never esteem You enough
God You are so incredibly perfect
And we cannot glorify You enough
God we can never exalt You enough
How can we try God? 
You are so deserving
Help us lift You up
Father You belong high and lifted up
So worthy You are