Asparagus Full Grown

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

"Asparagus Full Grown"

Now it had been said again & again...
By those who sailed way away back then when~
Whot ayre aloft shall always come down~
So's may be seen in the streets of some town!

'Twas such to be true we shall find out~
'Twas such to be naught 'avin' dreams about~
'Twere we to believe whot's whot we'd seen~
'Twere a'fore our very eyes 'twould be in between~

As did that great Dragon O'Fire return...
Up into the sky his great wings our sea churned!
Flames of colours ne'er before seen~
Shot forth as into that village he careened!

Down down down he'd so run!
Now all prepared to have such great fun!
Feasts were begun a'cookin' & tables laid out!
Music had begun a'playin! Dance had sprung about!

Winter then became spring & into summer it fastly spun!
Loaves of great breads were in ovens then done!
Great feasts were now ready just to be consumed!
As smoke from that Dragon continued to fume!

Crops began growing at speeds ne'er known!
Radish & cucumber, pumpkins for pie!
Cabbages & turnips & asparagus full grown!
Great goose & huge turkey all ready to try!

Great songs were sung & tales were told!
Everyone young & all those so old!
Joined in such festival as ne'er before~
Had been heard of or told in any folklore!

Thus winter had ended & a summer had sprung~
Just from the majic that great ship had brung!
Come now my krewe we feast & then dance in the day!
For me royals ayre foine & me mizzens a'stay!
So, then it came to pass...
As all were feasting, dancing, telling tall tales...
Now singing of sea~shantys...
In that fishervillage by the sea known as Thalassa...
Shrouded in the Purple Haze of Mystery & Wonder...

Unseen by any was the swirling water beneath the great ship!
Unseen the great dark shape gliding along the very bed of the sea!

What happened in the moments to follow has been told...
From generation to generation... from sailor to son...
From seawench to daughter... even more when the day was done...
Yet few dare to imagine it as true!
Yet those who dare to e'er so do?
They then know secret to why sky is blue!
This then is why real sailors are so few!

Aloft Aloft! Ye elfs so grand!
Up to me crow's nest now go ye & stand!
I'll run me 'elm free & shake out me reefs!
Ye'll spy out those dragons & sirens and thieves!
Sail on sail on as ye please!

Seek out that which makes us both wail!
Find for us now that which ne'er does us fail!
Those greatest of steepseas & far howlin'gales!