You are the reason

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

God, can we say hallelujah
When you are the reason for being and living?
You are the reason why our lives are so free of disturbances
The evil one cannot touch us
You are the reason why we are smiling and laughing
Free of disturbing thoughts, unwelcomed emotions
You are the center for us
Can we say bless you God
When you are the reason of us enjoying our zing?
You give life because you are life
You give us spark Lord
A meaning 
God You are so spectacular
Superb, breathtaking, extravagant
That we can’t behold You Lord
Lord You are beyond measurable
Beyond greatest, mind-blowing
Lord You are sooooooooo
God Halleluyah 
Can we say YOU RULE?
And You are in our corner
Praise You God
Exalt You God
Magnify You God
Worship YOU