Written by: Rodney Riggins

Written By: Rodney(Gemini)Riggins
Dedicated to a great artist and friend
Boobie Monroe

What more is there to say all there is 
to do is look. When I first laid eyes 
on you I knew I was hooked. Watched 
how u move and listen to every word
you speak only hoping one day or soon
that we could meet.

I had too express the feelings I had cos
this was deep how could one be so glamorious
and still be street. Your freckles and eyes
are so stunning had me mesmerized look
at your picture for hours and just fantasize

Having quality of great pleasure for me too
see made me realize how Boobieful you
are too me. I'm glad too be a friend and 
as you are to me I had to write how I feel
so pardon me.
So why lie if I can't speak the truth beauty
lies inside the description is you. I wish
I could recite this poem in a recording booth
but if it never happens I dedicated this
too you.