Bumper stickers on the highway

Written by: Dino Spahillari

on the highway
reading bumper stickers
this morning
"life is a beach,
You  know what I mean"
"got Jesus,got milk?
buy one,get one free"
"got virgins?go to Virginia"
"dropout and proud"
"feelin' horny?honk twice!"
"my dog is smarter
then your student 
of the month"
"bad boys rock,
bad girls rock and roll"
"lady,your middle finger stinks"
"retired,no boss,no bills"
"back up with your bad breath,
you freak"
"hotties for Obama,
rich for Mitt"
"big butt
not really big fart"
"Jesus saved me
from reality TV"
gas costs more then beer"
"Wanna go green?
buy a green suit"
"free speech?
go learn english first"
that's all for today
now i'm off the exit...