What's for You

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

Here I am fulfilling my words that I would make you laugh
But if you don't laugh, I understand
God, you are the wonder of my life
And you did thing and gave things that no one would ever would
You take an unlikely candidate
And change, mold, modify
Why do you do such a thing?
What’s in it for you God?
What pleasure can you get out of it? 
What’s in it for you that you are doing it for all of us?
Do we please you?
Do we care for you?
Do we obey you?
No, yes, and maybe
That‘s what you get God
Do you still want to do things for us?
How about the time when we made you mad?
When we absolutely were doing the wrong things
And your mercy rung out
How can you not give up on us God?
What about our bad points?
When we are bad, we are really bad God
Do you still love us? 
Is there anything that we do that can faze you?
Why are you so invincible?
Incredible, incomprehensible?
Why you are so You?
Why do you do the things you do?
Why do you care so much God?
What’s for you?