One Small Tear

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

One Small Tear One small tear was seen to fall from the beautiful eye of that most beautiful Queen Sharalee Lorelei This tear slowly fell from her cheek & as it did so it became a perfectly perfect & most shimmering white pearl This pearl slowly fell into the outsretched hand of SailorGirl who quickly placed it into the velvet pouch which she protected that Bracelet of the Sun within Thus preserving it for all time to come . It is said in these legends that this beautiful pearl became the first of all the pearls of the seas... & that SailorGirl had removed it from her velvet pouch one day & placed it gently into the sea That from that day forward any tear from any Princess became yet another pearl & another & another filling the seas with such beauty that no sort of sadness could ever harm anyone ever again. SeaWolf ©