Written by: Francine Roberts

With flowing words the poet writes
words that beckon my heart away
and as my imagination takes flight,
my soul, it swells and sways.
To the poet I give praise.

The words they've written are for me.
They reach my very soul.
Meant to set my spirit free,
it's the poetry's true goal,
making diamonds out of coal.

Awed, inspired and amazed
at the wonders that I've read.
Into their crystal ball I gazed
while through their lines I'm led.
Their imagery fills my head.

Poetry is a form of art
expressed by the written word,
touching both mind and heart
like the sweet song of a bird
with an enchanting melody heard.

I see, I feel, I taste it all.
I absorb it into my being.
It's power opens up the wall
and gives the gift of seeing.
True poetry is freeing.