The sounds of summer for me

Written by: Samir Georges

In the dawn of man:
The song of sparrows
Would tickle your ears
The sound of summer
Was the hunt
The sound of a spear whistling through the wisps of wind
Too fragile to see,
But real enough to hear
The thump of a landed meal,
The crackling of a fire
The beat of bare hands on leather skin drums
The sounds of purity,
It was the foraging
The crunch of bare feet on virgin grass,
The sound of summer was the laughter of children
Exposed in soul as in flesh- naked in dress, frolicking in a nest of wonder
Imaginations soaring, like young eagles unfettered

Summer now:
It is electronic
The beat of drums a modified bass
The thrill of the hunt packaged tightly in an envelope
Filled with papers of prowess
The sounds of rippling change,
And booted feet
Stampeding across well clipped grass
In a rush of barely contained joy
To delve into comfort and fettered flight

Oh, the sounds of summer have changed
But the joy they bring remains, pure.