I Want To Take Their Sadness Away


I Want To Take Their Sadness Away

I do not understand the pressures of life
That can bring a person to the point of ending their life
I know times are hard and burdens are great
But please do not let your life end for peaks sake

The sadness I hear brings my heart to a hurt
If someone is feeling this sadness, red flag, alert
You are the director of what you want and need
Always get back up and tune into succeed

To give up is to let the negative win the battle
You are stronger that this, stand up and tackle
Turn yourself into a help center, at least do that
Saving yourself is what we are looking at

One by one we make a difference on this earth
You can't put a price tag on what your life is worth
Tomorrow is new, another day begins
Live, take flight, spread out your wings

Written by:  Debra M. Falgout