Coffee House Contest

Written by: Sabina Nicole

As morning arises and grogginess continues to overtake
The smell of something brewing suddenly helps one to awake
Stumbling Down the stairs with eyes sunk low
A Sweet aroma lets each subject know
That sips of glory are just about to be there
The tortuous suddenly becomes the hare
Black with sugar some days cream
A symbol of the American dream
Oh how the warmth flowing down ones slide
Quickly sparks a mental drive
Cup half-filled than a cup filled to the top
The day starts off with this essential stop
To the kitchen with excitement at hand
Only a true coffee drinker would understand
Roosted beans with a variety of flavors to fit each soul
Charged and ready the consumers  goal
The king of the castle
The queen of the pot
I pity the person who goes shopping Sunday and Monday morning realizes what they forgot,
So thank you God for roosted plants that deliver stimulation,
And early morning motivation,
A College student’s dearest friend,
For once you start drinking coffee you’re never going to want it to end.

written by:sabina nicole