People Rhythm

Written by: Patrick Farley IV

Sore eyes don't glance
They glaze,
And Compliment Over-worked hands.
The worlds amazed, 
When your brave
And  bring the attention of millions.

If that's not an option,
The globe is ignorant
They forgot you.
Save your sad song
Unless it sells,
Then they'd care and would watch you.

Don't stretch for the normal.
Rest your sore eyes,
Do it forcefull.
Lift your bones when you wake
Or you're replaced by a morsel.

Line yourself up,
 meet up.
You're competitive but equal.
You advance in trades,
 trades you lack:
 filled by the opposite people.

Be peacefull
Find reason in damned.
Be mindfull
Plant trees in sand.

Sore eyes don't glance
They glaze,
And compliment over-worked hands.
The only constant:
will erase and change man.