They Took More

Written by: Chandre Petersen

This poem I dedicate to the people in my 
household the night our home was invaded by two 

Its 3:41 soaked in fear
We are ordered to hide near
They crushed what was once my home
And removed any remainder of peace
The gates rattle send a fearful and cold shrill
They stole a  "TV"
But if they only knew !
That they stole a 12 year old's security
Horror climbed the stairs
Through what could have been
If they shot us dead 

That night will always remain dark
Shots were fired !
We were chuffed into a cupboard
Three children unknown to what was occurring
I Heard my mothers panic 
God seemed to hear her call
One shot but 7 mentally bruised
Left with confused faces asking what next ?
For a moment we seemed to be lost

A "Tsotsi" stole more than a TV
That night he stole innocence and peace
He stole a young boys sense of security
What do we think that a gun defines power
Since its existence 
We think it justifies the injustice
It removes the stains of hate
It soothes the insanity of the mind
It is the easy way out
It is protection
Well with the many reasons it has
One is, its a reality of death