Pus On My Soul

Written by: verlecia fields

 	Pus On My Soul

someone is trying there best to kill me
and make it look naturally natural
what a unconscionable thing to say
what an unconscionable thing to write

so i have put it in a poetically way
will it make you wonder or even question
the way the world is undermining the minds
of the unknowing

do you even wonder how you will protect your own
for i have lost that battle

for i stand utterly alone...
watching their minds of self
that have been, violated and interpretively murder

what will i say to my God (crying)
when i knee at his feet
will he cast me from
heaven's gates
give way and cast me in the darkness

can you see it,
a vision of rotted meat
blotted in a land of bile filled
unused commandments
blistering in pus filled darkness
with only my ghost rotted soul
paying for a crime, i did not commit too
of my own free and willing accord...