A Great Unease

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

A great unease has come, quite slow to flee.
To some it brings woe twofold. Constantly,
I feel its breath upon me though I pray
to see it gone. Instead, it’s wont to stay -
infecting me with insecurity.

And if it were a thing that we could see,
an albatross I’d guess that it would be -
with feathers changed from white to dingy grey. . . 
a great unease.

This fretful thing that smells of misery
has spread its wings and grows relentlessly.
I sensed it in my land the fateful day
twin towers fell and blue sky turned to grey.
Events since spiraled,  leaving not just me. . . 
a great unease.

(Many things happened to me in the past ten years, particularly
regarding my health, though nothing too horrible. Coincidentally,
these things started up about the time of 9/11 and the war with
Iraq. And so it has all added up(for me at least) to "A Great Unease" 
which I believe has also permeated a lot of our world as global economies
 teeter and people are hanging by a thread with their financial situations.
I don't mean this to be a completely downer poem, but just a representation
of a feeling that has been new and strange to me in this phase of my life.)