I Fear My Country

Written by: Chandre Petersen

The scars are reflected upon the wrinkled skin
Carried down through the anguish of history
But Beauty shines through their forgiving smiles
We are a nation history has spoken to 
Yet We rejoice and feel free in the "townships" 
But still scared of being inferior in the "suburbs"
Why so are we mentally still in jail.

"I am free" proclaims our young minds
Yet we are captive to drugs and crime 
Being a South African means breathing hope
I am scared for my neighbour
Even from my neighbour
A gun has been called a visitor
In my home shared with my kin
For protection against our own people.

I am young with hopes
I am a young with dreams
Yet I am scared of living in my homeland
The beauty of my birth place escapes my mind
When a young man kills 
When a man commits murder
When a woman is raped
When a woman is beaten 

I convey the future of South Africa 
My beautiful and blessed country
Dear God help my country
For a prayer indeed is what is needed
We may not perish 
We may not disappoint those slain for freedom
We may not lay down 
We will rise 
We will conquer
Because we are South Africans
Because I am a South African