Simon's Musical Legacy

Written by: Carolyn Devonshire

“Hello darkness, my old friend”
Your song fills my head again

I can’t escape Paul Simon
Words lift me like a sermon

I travel with him to Graceland
Years are “slip-sliding away”

Years pass, he says we’re crazy
Wasted youth; I was lazy

We rise to “Kodachrome” hues
As Paul sings of joy and blues

Gave me “50 ways to leave”
A false man who tried to deceive 

“Sounds of Silence” fill my day
Till Simon’s songs come my way

To touch my heart, restore hope
Through troubled times, I can cope

“Bridge over Troubled Water”
Help your sister and brother

*Entry for Michael’s “What Songwriters Inspire You” contest
Inspired by songwriter Paul Simon
Written June 21, 2012