Whispers In the Dark

Written by: Amy Green

I was fed a brain scorpion tonight.
Small sting...  but a cute glimmer of the things to come.
Hypodermic needle pinning point blank on my frontal lobes-  
and other places deep and hidden between the gray valleys of DNA, 
time and space.

He changed me tonight- the scorpion did
Every prick is hotter and deeper every valley dripping away second by second
Those chipped away parts then disappeared into the ether 
where I heard the howls.

The howls - what were those- the ether refuses to tell- Something whispers 
to me, "They are hell".
The howls. The howl-  The howls - In the ether- Howls in the ether. 
Howls in the ether. Somewhere between Body, Ether, Space,
Heaven, Hell-  Dreams are now where I am at.
What is this place
       Is this a place
         This a place?
            This place?
Howls- ether- place- scorpion- man- ether-place- voices howls

Grecian mountain wind, shivering, so cold
Howls, ether, Scorpion stings.
Memories of voices, heads turning all the way around.
Candle wax- Howls- Ether
     Whispers in the dark.

I promised to leave, to escape
DONE! I told them.
But all I hear are howls, ether, wind.
All I see are the candles and the man.

I climbed the mountain where the heavy winds tried to 
drag me back into the howls, scorpions and ether.
I hung onto a snake, a strong snake, but the howls, 
ether, scorpion dreams overtook him too.

Small dead things are lying about- salamanders, snails, spiders 
were flipped on their backs from the scorpion tale.
Squeaks from murky corners WELCOME me-

Howls, whispers, a man murky, scorpion, howls, ether, ether, time and dreams-
all things
Those jaws snapping as I pushed away, by plumes of gargantuan 
smoke screens- their bodies,
Those dreadful heads were snapping in the ether.
Some eyes rolling, some eyes fading away-
Some stare ravenously-- some things standing so close in this pith of Hades I can smell rancid breath- In the ether.

Something awoke, something so immense, something so colossal, 
it's length was that of the heavens to the underworld. 
It’s teeth were broken jagged rock bitten right out of the earth. 
My eyes so wide and as soon as I did see- I knew it was dragging 
me into the depths of where ever it came from-
somewhere between ether, space, and 
nightmares. This thing of the ether
thundered out the sounds of a million trapped souls.

This thing that is not a thing- 
No sense in fighting, I am done...
The howls began again. 
Why did I leave?