Written by: jayachandran chakrapany

Don’t know her name 
But whenever I see her 
Always with a laughing face, 
Sitting beneath the shadow of 
A large oak tree, on a wheelchair, 
Doing painting on a canvas mostly 
Rarely  making garlands with gems 
At first rarely we met each other 
But gradually it becomes one 
Of my routine to walk on the way 
Beside her house only just to see her 
Nowadays I am very eager to know, 
But no way, did she make one time 
Even, paint my face on her canvas 
Or in her mind, I don’t know. 

 I am a lonely man and a farmer .all of my love poems is only my dreams and imaginations .my vocabulary is limited .so i try to write poems as a common man speaks .i do not know much about Grammar .help me to improve all of my writings .i will accept all of your suggestions happily .jk