Selfish Blames

Written by: mary abdali

it hurts, she cries, eye swollen
lips cracked,her heart is thirsty
eyes longing with arms wide open
raindrops laugh with her tears
the sky is grey calling out her name
she feels sad,nothing seems same
the hurt she wants to get away
it takes mountains of clock ticks
so many clouds,of harshless rain
she hides from them with her weak hands
on a pedestal of depression she stands
and time slowly covers her wounds
everything gets better, she feels itless every day
after years of recovery she stands there again
she is not crying, her eyes with mascara
her lips look gorgeous with tinted shade of red
she smiles shelaughs she enjoys the rain
unknowingly she looks in the memory jar that remains
shes supposed to  be glad shes over that phase
unexpectedly as it is she misses her face
the swollen eyes and the salted tears she used to taste
its okay now , no reason to blame
but hurt was a pleasure she came to know
a pleasure she treasured, protected and adored
how lovingly she kept it in her heart
wanted to get rid of it ,subconciously was locked
now  theres no reason of long walks
now theres no reason of sad songs
its funny when she was hurting it was easy to name
all the things were justified everything was sane
its all on a standstill now,she misses the hurt
theres just no one to blame