Written by: daver austin


In a big shady tree
Way up high    hard to see
This tidy little home
Where feathered friends may roam

Peck a crust of stale bread
Or safely clear their heads
What mystery through that door?
What treasures on the floor?

Fancy a twiggy nest
Wood   grass   straw   and the rest
Maybe a bottle cap
Stuffed with foam for a nap

There was a special pair
Who loved to stay up there
One   a bright red color
Rose patches   the other

They were Cardinal mates
On those wintry dates
Returned every year
The memory so dear

Many years now have passed
Bird house battered    alas
Strong winds taken it down
Splintered on the ground

A look inside    a tear
But then I smile    no fear
The nest?    “Angel kept!”    I sing
“And wife’s lost wedding ring!”