Childhood Stories

Written by: JustcallMe Britt

Interested in my thoughts?
I’m interested in yours, too
Nice of you to stop by 
A not-so-phony comment will do
It’s nice that everyone talks and leaves me without a clue
But laughs at my ignorance and preaches about the Truth
EVERYONE is flattered by genuine concern
You accept what you’re given but give nothing in return
Greedy heathen is a term you should learn
You spare yourselves the water and love to watch me burn
Like I said, I write for myself
Unless you’re constructive your words do not help
Yet this does not faze you
Because I just seem crazy to you
But this is who I am
Paranoid by the many views
People ALWAYS watch
And have nothing to say to you
But nurture your delusions 
And soak in pride about playing you
We are all humans 
Yet we’re subjected to categories
But this is how some get off
I kindly ask please stop sparing me childhood stories