My First Life - part 2

Written by: Mario Colic


All I remember,
I woke up on the bench,
faced up to the sky,
near the muddy river,
who am I?

I stood up,
I saw disappointing look on river reflection,
while whirlpools were circling around my sad reaction.
I decided.
It took me a long time.

I stole a gun,
to the bank I hobbled,
robbed back the money that they robbed from me.
Went to my ex,
had sex,
took her gently by her hand,
and went to the distant land.

On the sandy beaches,
learned a lesson that life teaches.
Wasted rest of my days,
near the light blue ocean,
we all have mysterious ways.
Life is full of commotion. 

No need to comment,
I'm nighty five at the moment,
I realized I'm both, 
dancer and freelancer
Unfortunately now I'm dying of a cancer.

I played,
I lied,
I made,
I died.