Poetry is Poetry is Poetry

Written by: JustcallMe Britt

A lot of people seem to love fabrication
I won’t judge
That’s just not me
A true poet is to each his own
It’s still poetry
Mine is MY life and MY story
Yours might be full of hopes and dreams that I can’t see 
But if imagination is key
It’s still poetry
I won’t dye or perm my hair
That only masks your essences’ bare reality
Living this way 
Writing that way
To each his own
It’s still poetry
Poetry is poetry is poetry
An artistic expression of ones feelings and ideas
Creative . . .
Not your everyday average
Therefore, it can be make believe 
It can be real
Either or, it should appeal to the audience 
To seal a crowd of many zealous listeners or readers
I write for me though
If one can REALate, that is a bonus!