Fairytale Exposed

Written by: Tshegofatso Seabe

Somebody lied to me and told me that dreams came true
I wished upon a shooting star at every chance and never got anything new
I put my tooth under my pillow well guess the tooth fairy is not so generous
Wished under my breath as I blew off the candles on my birthday cake

If it was real then i would be;
Rich and married to prince charming
I would live in a castle with maids in waiting
I would not have to wake up early in the morning
Whoever lied to me was so cruel

Santa would give me anything I wanted cause I have always been a good girl
I would have a genie at my disposal
A well of wishes to satisfy my thirst
Everything I want and more
The world would be a perfect place

I was naive and crazy to believe
Now I am in the hottest pits of hell
When they had told me life is happily ever after
I have tried kissing the frogs to get my dream man I guess I have no such luck like Fiona

The world is a big happy family?
Barney was just after my parent's money
Now i open my eyes to see a sea of blood before me,backstabbing,segregation,discrimination roaming the earth
Whoever told me its all perfect was lying
Life is not a fairytale nor the world a haven but rather a place of melancholy....