Life is an option

Written by: Chandre Petersen

Pretenders seem to care less                                     
About the world and its mess
They hide behind the apparent smiles
And smash words like tiles
Funny how we seem to enjoy crying
Forgetting that we should be praying
And somehow we laugh at the pathetic
But somehow deep down inside we sympathetic
Life has become an option 
And to laugh is not the notion.         

Drying paint dries the cracked walls.                       
And smear life as it near falls
What are we doing humans? Shrinking !
How we never smile at the good
But smile at when we drinking
And feed drugs to please the mood
Hear my cries dear young dude
Life is an option
And to seem deaf is not the notion.                             

Real talk seems to be a sneaky conversation
When the tough comes we play with emotion
When will we realize that in fact we are fearing
Dying,crying not listening to the weary
Distance and time seems all to be left
Yet we creep at night to commit theft
And stealing lives that shed innocent blood
Will the rivers cry with a red flood 
Hear my cries dear young criminal
Life is an option 
And to seem ignorant is not the notion.