The 'Brand 'ed Lady

Written by: Yesha Shah

The all grace-n-finesse, prim-n-propah lady, Alighting from a chauffeur driven AUDI, Just look at her glistening high-heeled shoes They're a pair of enviable JIMMY CHOOs, She's spent an awful lot of time on her face Putting her MAC make-up perfectly in place! To make up for her hands' skin that sags She owns a collection of LOUIS VUITTON handbags, She has a grooming sense that would impress Dolled up in a fitting VERSACE dress, Her manicured-nail hands with polish to match Adorning her wrist, a limited-edition OMEGA watch, Her eyes are drawing curious stares, For they are well-hidden behind ARMANI glares, Her diamond studs and rings glitter and shine She's chosen some SWAROVSKI pieces cut fine. She cuts a spectacular figure for the eyes, Her chiffon GUCCI scarf too looks nice The mention of some brands will make her go scarlet She won't divulge about her VICTORIA'S SECRET!! However, looking at her face pale and sallow I seriously doubt that, inside, she is quite hollow!