Enclosed Dream

Written by: azim mohammed

What and how to tell a person if u see them in dreams,

And may be flirt a little or may be little romance with them 

Hold hands walk a little, with background of lovely flowers

Little misty, little cold, closer we walk along the roads

Not able to make out the place yet its a heavily sight

Not able to make sure it its real but living moments

I close my eyes to capsulation each 'ada*' of hers 

Her charming face, soothing and refreshing smiles

Dressed in the baby pink churiday, flowery kameez

How i wish it last for, unending joys it spreading

Closer i pull her with my hand on her silky hips

She with a shy smile looks down as she come 

Closer to my heart, and merges into my soul

I clasps my hand tightly in hers walk into garden 

We see a rose bushes smiling at our little romance

I wanting to give her the rose, break one out.

In a way a thorn pricks to spill some blood

She quickly pulls my hand to her soft mouth

Like a professional vampire suck the blood

Ooh! Was it hurting or it was the ecstasy

That i wake from my dream with smiles

For i know it was a dream i shall behold 

For long as i can till i send her my dream

Enclosed in verses for her heart to read..


*Ada is Hindi/Udu word meaning a combination of words that include 'Style'; + Movements; Grace etc..