Written by: JustcallMe Britt

Im MAD! Im MAD! Therefore, I'm MAD Ink! Articulate with the words that I write and speak. Properly flowin with what I feel inside of me. A lot of me's goin in through ya window to the household's chief. Don't plan to make this brief - I gotta spit since I'm wit it committed since the beginning I tasted this stewed poetry. Never sold drugs for the fame, for the hustle or the game. Still a consumer the same to numb Injustices' pain. Then I just came to believe I gotta get it how I live. Gotta FEEL negative, gotta FEEL positive. Death's inconsiderate of Time so I refuse to just wind up doped up, incoherently choked up lying. Only two decades old fighting to dodge Death's hold. Inevitably, I'll lose but Time is still what I'll choose. I need all sides of the truth. Don't front 'cause you do, too. And there is not a single drug that can provide this view.

Hold on. I have to walk my dog

Okay, I m back. Go hard or go home's a fact. You'll find out what you lack and then you'll fly with that. Yes, pinching was my start. Now, I’m bold enough for the bat. Tough love ends with a hug but begins with a full-swing attack.

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