Never Ending Truth's

Written by: Marcedies Rhodes

Never Ending Truth’s

Feel’s like they’re fading, going into dust in a blink of an eye they left without real thought. To think that 
everything that comes, past life actions true thoughts that float .
Ever day every moment possessing feeling, maybe it the mind maybe it the times maybe I’m losing touch 
with who I used to be there are times I could repeat and then stand straight forwards to laugh for it all a joke. 
Playing games and making memories the trust that built in those moments are the ones that will be treasured forever
But what in a flash of a eye and the blink and the rage of a moment it all lost for those second those passing 
by seconds they are lost that trust that love and the never ending truth. What could be said? What could have 
been done? Would sorry have been enough to repair what was lost? Time twisting mind-fearing heart pounding 
everything feels like it falling apart. Can’t you feel it it’s there that tension that unknown block now in front of them 
of front of you and front of me. This never-ending truth that should have been always there, like trust it all to easy
 to lose. Never ending truths should stay between the people who love each other the most.