Kaboodle the Poodle

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

Dear Humane Society,

I am at the end of my leash as I throw my paws up in the air.

Daily I am tortured by a flashy millionaire.

Does anyone really care? (Oodles of poodles all over the world are scared!)

It’s RRRRuff being a poodle I think that you’ll agree.

Especially when your master works in cosmetology.

It’s egg yolks each day at breakfast to maintain a healthy coat.

Nutritious snacks like frozen green beans that get stuck right in your throat!

My nails are groomed, my teeth are brushed, and for 4 more hours I hear her discuss

How my hair will be groomed for the AKC show. 

And to top it off, I’ve got to wear that ridiculous pink bow!

 Please help. My paws are tied.
“Kaboodle the Poodle,” the best of  the show

Written for Tanya Harrington's Dog Gone Tales Contest