Chains made of money

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

She was so visually stunning
That when I saw her instead of being cunning
I started running
Figuring anything this promising had to be up to something
She may as well have had warning tattooed on her forehead
Seeing as her skirt was in need of more thread
And was showing more than her bare legs
She's been misled
She approached me and asked if love could be this simple
I replied "You just see potential in my visual credentials"
She looked perplexed face lost its dimples
Then replied "Oh you Mr. spiritual"
I sat her down and told her I saw beyond her facade
And that she would rather be pleasin God
And me I got my flaws but Im workin on em all
Where others stride I barely crawl
Sometimes I stumble and even fall
But I get up when others pause
perpetual motion with a cause
She then began to weep so heavily it was scary
She said walk in her shoes and dared me
She was enraged she's just a slave
And her chains are made of money.