I Sang

Written by: Nsamu Moonga

I sang melodies and choruses for the choir
Written and composed by maestros
The harmonies soared for earth’s life time hour
Even those that proclaimed the holy cross

I sang Handel’s Alleluia Chorus
As I did the songs of us
Singing ‘Stand and Sing...’
To respond “Proud and free”

Mozart’s Ave verum corpus
Charmed me into the love of sound
That would fill the Church’s campus
And the fragile heart all round

In the sounds of the maestros budded
The sound deserving no apology
The voice clear; all rounded
The humming and bursts like a eulogy

Then I sang not to entertain
I sang to express
The truth I humbly contain
Oh! To be true, I do not need the press

I though may not forget 
The words of life’s wisdom
From the lyricists of old
That ‘to thyself be true’

Copyright ©April.2012. Moonga Nsamu. All rights Reserved.