Lust versus LOVE

Written by: Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT

We forget lessons learnt in moments of bliss. 
Our minds wiped clean with a passionate kiss. 
To attain something called love we take a risk.
You indulged in lust and lost your focus. 

I fell into a trap with out even knowing. 
I accepted dark glazed with 
light ,tempted by the glowing.
Lust never helped my 
heart and its growing.  
The juices of your genital was
the only thing flowing.

You see lust and love are to different things. 
Lust unfurls the condoms ring. 
Love unfurls a wedding ring. 
I want more than lust. 
I needed your love loyalty and trust. 
Thus that's were the fuss started with us...
You wanted my flesh,I wanted your soul.
I guess that's why two different stories were told