Written by: mike dailey


I know what you’re thinking
I ought to stop drinking
But with finances shrinking
I don’t know where to turn
Stock and bonds and mutual fund
All are on a downward run
And so the drinking has begun
I don’t know where to turn
No payments made so they’re repossessing
All my things – my life’s so stressing
Drinking is my only blessing
I don’t know where to turn

But then I was invited in
To where the healing can begin
I found a means unto the end
Now I know where to turn
No one judging, no one scolding
Open talking – no withholding
A new direction they are molding
This is the place to turn
It doesn’t solve financial woes
That’s not the way the program goes
Encouragement’s what they propose
There’s a better way to turn

So don’t try to solve this on your own
You need some help, you’ve always known
And AA works – results have shown
Here is the place to turn
So come on in, sit down a spell
You’ve got a story I can tell
This is the place where you’ll get well
Start with this when it’s your turn

Hi.  My name is __________________
And I am an alcoholic

I meant to post this on teh 10th but it slipped by.  While I have never used the service of the AA, I know of some who have and some more that should have.  Bob Smith founded AA and June 10th, 1935 (Dr. Bob Smith’s sobriety date) is considered the birthday of Alcoholics Anonymous.