My Walking Diary

Written by: Sharika Sellman

Having someone you trust is a must living in this world full of sin. 
You never know when, when to let out your feelings or who to tell. 
But there is this one girl that knows me well. 
Her name is CaSaundra and I am so glad I found her. 
We hold each other’s deepest thoughts and secrets. 
When I’m feeling down she is the one I want to be around. 
There aren’t many people I trust because once I open my mouth to express myself, they run and tell everyone else. 
But CaSaundra is special, she is like no one else.
 Instead of me taking time to write down my feelings in a book, 
I open my mouth as she looks, she not only looks but she listens. 
She is kind and she is sweet and as we lay near each other we hear each other’s heartbeat.
 Writing this poem about the best godsister there is, my eyes begin to fill with tears. 
But she is everything to me and I love her to death.   
 She is my Walking Diary!