Carma Sweetheart

Written by: JustcallMe Britt

Through your poetry I’ve learned that you have so much love to give
I don’t understand it but I’m the same way
Abuse never suppressed it 
Neglect only magnified it
Our unbiased love is here to stay
Yes, we know what we want
And with our love that’s so blunt
Some people won’t tolerate us
But since we are all fam and on the same land
If we got it they do, too
What’s the fuss?
Back to you, my Carma Boo
I’m glad we can relate
Sometimes I cry and I’m sure you do 
It is our caring souls that pull us through
To hurt as much as we love
Is a danger in its own
Yet we take that risk for our planet
And we appreciate the ones that love us too
Because it’s just hard to find that, dammit!
I’m glad we crossed paths and pleased to know
Another genuine soul
Carma Sweetheart, never settle 
For a heart less than infinity karat gold! <3