Little Girl Lost

Written by: twanna Irisha

We once had a song that in the beginning had so much meaning. Every word had me beaming. Now the song has no significance, I really believed what you said was true. I believed in us, I believed in you. How can these lies come so at ease? Those lies kept me right where you needed me to be. I feel like everything was a lie to keep me by your side. Now I am second-guessing if you are really even the same guy. I fell in love with a fantasy and now I do not believe. My dreams forever shattered by the lies you muttered. I am hurt and you can care less about my pain, because you got what you wanted when you came. It took a lot for me to open up and trust you, you made that little girl in me come out to meet you. Now she feels betrayed, you never loved her as you proclaimed. How can you break my little girl heart? When I speak of this little girl, it was I from the start. How could you make my little girl die inside? When you promised never to make her cry, to hurt her and forever protect her. How can her protector be the one who puts her in harm’s way? Your lies are the source of my little girl pain, trusting in you is the hurt my little girl and me has gain. You once told us that your love would never change, but you have changed and your lies seem to stay the same. My little girl has seemed to run away, away from love and the games you chose to play. We once shared something that I once thought was everlasting. My little girl is lost and no longer laughing. Her curly eyelashes are wet from the tears you left. Her smiles are now frowns, no laughter not a peep nor a sound. She is out there searching for love that never found. My little girl is lost and I still feel her around. My love for my inner baby girl comes in surround. I need to kiss her on her cheek, because she just so sweet and she just need love whole-heartedly.