My Prayer for Kevin

Written by: Gwendolen Rix

How could I forget this spot, Kevin
a serine Japanese garden 
we sat right here
and there is the river birch that brought us shade
it was about six years ago today

a warm breeze collects thousands of ripples and sends them over the pond’s soft surface 
you brought Heavenly, your new step daughter
and I brought Mika , your new favorite niece
it was the perfect play date for our children who were soon to be cousins
belly laughs echoed from the gazebo, as we dipped our toes in the cool  pond
splashing and kicking our fins as dandelion seeds parachuted  across  the water

today it’s quiet…

I notice the cracks in the sidewalk

ants moving  in circles

moss-covered rocks 

and turtles …

rhythmically darting their heads to peer above the water…

I miss you, Kevin

and your son that I knew so briefly

he was so tiny when you left us…


                                                       name !

your wife remarried and moved out of state
She hides your son from us
afraid that he will love us like he did you
I know he must look just like you
blue eyes and long eyelashes
your extra wide shoulders and long arms…

a dead twig lies in the water where we once dipped our feet
there is no more laughter…
your mother is sad and your brother, Roger, has your photo on our mantle
we purchased a picture of you and affixed it to your grave 
you look so happy in that  picture  wearing your Buckeye  jersey 
a scarlet and grey flower are in the vase next to your photo

please guide your son to meet us one day, Kevin
direct his paths while you wait for us from heaven
Uncle Roger and Aunt Gwendolen will remind him of you


in the meantime, 
please find a spot like this one 
with a towering birch  and cascading branches that twirl in  the wind
we will  sit and reminisce 
and share great big belly laughs…
this is my prayer, dear brother –in –law


By Gwendolen R.
A.gain Free Poetry Contest 
Sponsor	Chris D. Aechtner