M ---- Stands for ME

Written by: Carrie Richards

Well....since you asked...
I'll tell you now, no run around,
my letter is found
right in the middle,
in fact it starts
the "middle" word,
so it's no riddle...
if you can spell!

It has two humps, 
and they are round
They form a well...
It comes just past
the "H", the "I", the "J", and "L" ...

"M" stands for ME!

"M" is the one that fits me best
It makes me munch on little things...
I'm known for liking M' and M's!
And mistletoe, and midnight strolls
And M's are known for loving food (mmmm!)
I'm also known to multi-task!
And bask in all my memories!

I'm Mrs. Mom, and love the madness...
(the mobs who make this place a mess! )
I'm a mental case...just ask my man!
Not meddlesome, and rarely mute
When I get mushy, he thinks it's cute!
I'm moody too...and sometimes mad!
But mostly mellow is my mantra !
Morning is my time of day...
But moonlight, too, can make me swoon
I'm filled with mirth, and mischief too
I've  meandered with misfortune's moods
But I'm mindful of the miracles

I love good movies, and music too!!
Will marvel at a magic view
I can mend a fence, and mentor you
And hope to keep my muse in tune

I'll share my M' and M's with you
So,... won't you share your Q's ?!!!

Inspired By Nancy's Alphabet Soup Contest