Nuts or Nuts

Written by: Elise Buddle

When does intelligence transgress into another form?
When does intelligence meet insanity?
When do words form insanity?
One can read and relay, read and relay
relay and reconstruct, relay and reconstruct
but underneath all these 'r's' is a line
A constant.
It has no frills, it has no additional edges
Its constant,
thick, consistent and eternal
The simplicity provides space
The simplicity allows breath to be heard
O2 reaching the core of ones bones
the bone marrow
Sitting in a pub, a pub filled with eccentric characters
The most eccentric of all being those who are classified as intelligent
Intelligent or mad?
The sophistication of language allows for the words to fall
off a cliff into an abyss of miscomprehension within a structural society
Roar red perplexions with fast growing ripples
ensures revealing of the pressure to maintain a grasp on the libraries within.
Cracks start to appear, smiles linger as they no longer understand why their smiling
Stares fixated they
question what is real and what is fictional whilst in midst of a conversation.
Comical steam appears at the ears in the viewers mind
Twins tormented
touched, tainted, tortured, troubled and
..transgressed from intelligent through to lunacy.
Remove the frills, be specific, fine tune
less is more
Intelligence is through reduction.