The Night They Were Giants

Written by: James Loggins

Yeah Seth, Nick and Austin were all best friends
More wild and rambunctious than the Dukes of Hazzard,
Closer to each other as brothers are,
One night they took off in Austin’s Ford

To enjoy their last night together
You see Austin was getting married,
Nick was going to Iraq,
While Seth was heading off to college

They tore up the interstate,
Flicked the bird to every trucker,
The traffic was a complete nightmare
While the Seminole Hard Rock was a dream come true

Because Austin hit the slots
And won so much money
Than any of them had ever seen before
But it didn’t take them one night to spend it all

When they returned back home
They swore to silence their road trip,
Embraced each other, and headed off to their futures
But they always remembered that night

When they were so wild and free
That night they acted so carefree and spirited
That night where they didn’t have a care in the world 
That night they were giants